Summary…Friendly, knowledgeable bistro specialising in cheeses, cold meats and wine. What’s not to like?

Tell me more…Situated in the heart of Leadenhall market this fantastic cheese and wine shop transforms into a buzzing lunchtime restaurant. If you’re looking for a quick lunch and don’t mind sharing then this it’s definitely worth a go.

The cheese is announced with as much ceremony as a haggis on Burn’s Night. Sue, the owner, is always on hand to answer questions or recommend a cheese and there’s no wine in there that Tom, the bar manager, doesn’t know inside out. If you’re nipping out for a quick lunch, have all afternoon to wile away or even if you fancy relocating for pudding then give Cheese a try.

Cheese also puts on some great tasting events. Worth remembering in case you have a cheese-loving client coming to visit.

Sue from Cheese at Leadenhall Market

What should I drink?
All of  the wine is very good but I would recommend the New Zealand Pinot Noir (£39.50) for a red that is light enough to avoid falling asleep at the box in the afternoon… If you’ve really settled in then try a bottle of the port to finish. It is served cold and is delicious.
CLICK HERE for the wine list

What should I eat?
It’s definitely worth getting a platter of charcuterie and a selection of cheeses to share. If you’re big on smelly cheeses and aren’t planning on getting lucky later, then try the epoisses.
CLICK HERE for the food menu

Who should I take? Most European clients would be as happy as an accountant in a tax haven. Beware that the ‘British board’ platter (scotch egg, pork pie etc) may be confusing to foreign clients, unfamiliar with such local delicacies.

When should I go? Summer is a better time to go and sit outside, although there are a number of high powered heaters for colder months when the wind whistles through the market.

From The Lloyds Building
Taxi: Not allowed
À Pied: 2 minutes
Nearest tube: Bank/Monument/Fenchurch

4-5 Leadenhall Market
City of London   EC3V 1LR
020 7929 1697

Open for lunches 12-3pm
CLICK HERE for information about upcoming events

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